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Chelsea Damp Treatments

Chelsea Damp Treatments

We pride ourselves on knowing that at City Dampcouring we will provide you with top-notch damp treatments. Our specialist Chelsea damp treatments will keep your properties safe from all types of mould, rot and damp.

We have a wide variety of treatments on offer to make sure that your property is protected against mould and damp. From timber woodworm treatments to dry and wet rot treatments, we will have the perfect thing to help keep your property safe and eradicate any pre-existing problems

There are a few warning signs that damp is starting to invade your home. We have compiled a list in order to ensure you can prepare.

  • A musty, damp smell.
  • A large amount of condensation build-up on the windows.
  • Discoloured or dark patches on the wallpaper or walls.
  • Patches of wallpaper peeling off the walls.
  • Mildew or mould appearing on the floors or walls.

Looking For Professional Chelsea Damp Treatments?

Properties in Chelsea are quite susceptible to developing issues with damp, mould and rot. This risk is particularly high if your property is set below ground level or has a basement. This is due to the fact that it is easiest for damp to invade through a cellar or basement. The damp will then be able to spread throughout your entire property with ease.

If the damp issue is left unidentified and untreated it will run rampant throughout your property leading to more complicated issues such as mould, rot and woodworm. All of these can cause irreparable damage to your property. But luckily, our specialists can quickly identify and treat the damp so that your property can be restored. Your property can then be fixed to ensure there is no evidence that there was ever damp in the first place.

Our fantastic team will be able to reach you promptly to ensure any problem that you may be facing is dealt with as soon as possible. Our specialist Chelsea damp treatments will be administered quickly to prevent the damp from spreading further into your property. To help us stop the spread before the problem worsens, don’t delay getting in touch with us.

If you have noticed damp in your property or spot any warning signs then get in contact with us! Feel free to get in contact with a member today for a fully comprehensive quote, or by calling us directly on 020 8509 0470.


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