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Damp Surveying

Spotting Damp In Your Home

Damp is one of the most common problems to affect homes in the UK and Central London, which is why an effective damp surveying service is essential to ensure any signs of damp are spotted and dealt with immediately.

Our surveyors provide highly effective and professional surveying services for all kinds of homes and buildings in London and beyond. And, as we are independent from any letting agency or institute, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when it comes to a proper, thorough investigation.

A damp survey can take around three to four hours based on the size of your home or building, and depending on whether there are any immediately apparent issues. Either way, you can keep the peace of mind that we’ll either clear your mind of doubts, or spot any issues that need immediate treatment.

Why request professional damp surveying?

As members of the PCA (Property Care Association) we provide a thorough, professional service that ensures any signs of damp in your property are spotted and dealt with immediately.

If left untreated, damp can cause a multitude of further complications. These range from damage to the integrity of your ceilings and walls, unsightly marks on walls, mould, rot and woodworm, alongside health issues when mould spores begin to spread. As such, it’s imperative damp is not left to run its course.

We also provide a range of damp treatments and effective surveying. So, if you’re experiencing damp issues within your property or business, don’t delay getting in touch with us any further. Get in contact with our team today for a fully comprehensive quote, or call us directly on 020 8509 0470.


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