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How To Get Rid of a Damp Smell

Removing the Damp Smell

Aside from the smell, damp can cause a range of issues for your home – so it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible! Here are our top tips for getting rid of the damp smell in your home:

  • Keep a flow of fresh, clean air through your home. This prevents damp from the air becoming stagnant and resting in your home.
  • Get yourself a dehumidifier. These are designed to remove water and moisture from the air, stopping damp at the source.
  • Check for any signs of mould on walls or carpets. When damp has developed further, it will be impossible to get rid of the smell without first dealing with the damp issue itself.
  • Wash any clothes that have been in the room in question. Clothes easily retain the smell of damp, so it’s important to get them cleaned and smelling fresh.
  • If you’ve tried air fresheners and good air circulation, and you’re still stuck with a horrible musty smell, it might be time to call in the professionals.

If you are located in Central London and struggling to battle the damp, we can help.

Can't seem to shake the smell of damp?

There might be something more to your issue, and damp may have spread. Damp spreading can cause a range of complications, and needs to be sorted as a matter of urgency. This way, you can prevent numerous further problems that can arise from damp, including mould, rot and structural damage to your walls or roofing. 

Damp can also cause a range of health problems if left untreated. But don’t panic, our expert damp proofing specialists can help. Based in Marylebone, London, our team provides an efficient, first class damp proofing service, 

If you’re experiencing damp issues within your property or business, don’t delay getting in touch with us any further. Feel free to get in contact with a member today for a fully comprehensive quote, or by calling us directly on 020 8509 0470.


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