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London Tanking Treatments

London Tanking Treatments

We offer our tanking treatments across London. This service is recommended to ensure basement protection. It’s a great way to reduce the chances of damp, as you probably are aware damp can be a culprit of major damage to properties foundations.

Our specialist team will thoroughly coat and seal property structure that is underground, these primarily include walls. We do this to prevent water damage, resulting in a watertight home.


As damp can be so damaging, not only to your property, but also to your health, it’s important you regularly check your basement for the common signs to avoid unnecessary expenses. Here’s a few common signs of damp, so be vigilant:

  • A musty, damp smell.
  • Patches of peeling wallpaper.
  • The appearance of mould or mildew on floors or walls.
  • Dark or discoloured patches on walls or wallpaper.
  • Excessive water/condensation on windows

Looking For Tanking Treatments in London?

Properties in and around London are prone to damp, especially when your home is set below ground level. Basements and cellars are prime suspects for an invasion of damp – leading to damp consuming your property!


When left untreated, damp will spread rapidly, causing rot, mould and woodworm, which can lead to lasting, sometimes irreparable damage. But have no fear! If you can identify and deal with the damp straight away, your home can be restored to as good as new. Without anyone else knowing damp was ever an issue.


Our expert Stamford Hill Damp Services team can be with you quickly to ensure the problem is dealt with as soon as possible – before the damp has any chance to spread.

If you’re experiencing damp issues within your property or business, don’t delay getting in touch with us any further. Feel free to get in contact with a member today for a fully comprehensive quote, or by calling us directly on 020 8509 0470.


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