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Mayfair Damp Proofing Treatments

Mayfair Damp Proofing Treatments

Regain control over your property by saying no to water damage. Our Mayfair damp proofing treatments protect homes from ever growing damp issues. Mould and mildew are no joke and will only get worse when left untreated so it’s recommended that you constantly check damp prone areas in your home.

If you suspect damp may be an issue or reoccurring issue in your property, it’s important to protect your home, and get a specialist in for a quick inspection. Our experts will be able to access the damage that water has caused and suggest the best treatment to damp proof your walls and floors for the future.

We have put together a handy guide to keep in mind when it comes to vigilantly checking your business or home for damp. If you are worried that any of these seem too familiar feel free to reach out to us!

  • Mould or mildew appearing on walls or floors.
  • Smells that are damp and musty.
  • Discoloured walls and wallpaper or dark patches.
  • Unwanted water/condensation on windows.
  • Wallpaper peeling off of the walls.

Searching For Professional Mayfair Damp Proofing Treatments?

Unfortunately, Mayfair properties are extremely high-risk when it comes to water damage. Nobody wants a damp invasion in their home, so we suggest checking your rooms regularly – especially those below ground level – for the top five signs.


We understand the stress damp issues can cause, so we are always on hand to deal with any queries you may have! As we all know, damp spreads rapidly, so it is best to get it treated as soon as possible to avoid devastation, time and money. When caught early we can help treat and restore your property, so that your home will be protected from future water damage. To the unknown eye you wouldn’t even know that the property had a damp history!


Our Mayfair damp proofing specialists are here should you need them to banish water damage from your property. From mould, rot and woodworms, we have treatments to suit all your properties needs.

Reach our to our expert team. With a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with damp problems we know that we can help with any query you may have. Don’t delay contacting us if you spot any signs of damp in your property. Call us today for a fully comprehensive quote on 
020 8509 0470, together we can solve your water damage!


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