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Tanking Treatments

What Is Tanking Treatment?

Tanking treatment is a way of preventing water ingress by coating for sealing walls of building structures below the ground, this is to protect the internal surfaces from water penetration. To do this we use either a conventional tanking render system, or alternatively a tanking membrane system.

Ideally this treatment should last forever permanently stopping water from coming in as it settles like cement. However, there is no guarantee that it will not wear down overtime.

Damp walls are a common problem within basements and cellars because the earth surrounding the walls is usually saturated with water. When the water makes its way through the masonry and brickwork it will often carry minerals and salt with it which will in result damage any finishing touches you have made to the wall such as paint.

It is not just cosmetic issues like paint damage or patches of damp that can be seen from water ingress, it can also lead to black mould and dry rot.

Looking For Professional Tanking Treatment?

City Dampcoursing is one of London’s leading preservation companies and has been successfully trading for over twenty-five years. If you would like a professional opinion on tanking treatments for your property then please feel free to contact City Dampcoursing 020 8509 0470 or alternatively complete our quote form with a description of your project and we will get back to you shortly with a no-obligation estimated cost.

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