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Treatments For Woodworm

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm is quite a common issue that if not treated can eventually result in timber framework needing to be replaced due to infestation. They are often referred to as wood-boring beetles, these types of beetles are so small that they are extremely hard to notice.

The average home is made up to 70% of timber which means that there is a good chance you may experience woodworm in your lifetime. If woodworm is not treated properly it can have a long-lasting effect on the framework of a building, especially when they coincide with damp.  

There are several key signs which will become noticeable if your property is suffering from woodworm:

  • Wood tunnelling
  • Exit holes
  • Presence of beetles
  • Dust
  • Eggs
  • Damaged or weakened flooring/timbers

Looking For Professional Treatment For Woodworm?

Properties in Bow and the London area are prone to damp, especially if your home is set below ground level. This might mean that your experience of woodworm could be more severe than others. Although woodworm can be found in dry timber they tend to be attracted to softened wood that has been exposed to dampness. 

However, our expert specialists have been providing treatments for woodworm for over 30 years. City Dampcoursing prides our workers on their quick, cost-effective and efficient working skills! Worried you may be experiencing woodworm? Complete our online quote form with a description of Woodworm Treatment and we will get back to you shortly with a no-obligation estimated cost.

If you would like to speak to someone from our team then feel free to get in contact with a member today for a fully comprehensive quote, or by calling us directly on 020 8509 0470


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