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Different Types Of Mould Impacting Your Home

Harmful Types Of Mould That Could Be In Your House

Here at City Dampcoursing, we have damp specialists that are experienced in several treatments and services available to you. It is essential that you regularly check your home or building for any type of damp so that if needed we can professionally prevent any lasting or further damage.

Mould is a growth of fungus that usually has a furry coating and is associated with decay or dampness. Some moulds can be much more harmful than others that can pose a serious health risk to you or your family if they are present within your home.

Different Types Of Mould

Stachybotrys is commonly referred to as ‘black mould’ and is one of the most common and dangerous types of moulds. This usually causes flu-like symptoms, memory loss, headaches and severe respiratory damage. Stachybotrys is dark in colour but can also be found as grey or dark green and is typically found in very damp areas of homes or buildings.

Another common type of mould that is found in homes is Chaetomium, thriving in wet and dark environments such as carpets, wallpaper and baseboards. Chaetomium spores can cause neurological damage as well as other common allergies such as red and watery eyes and trouble breathing.

Other moulds that can be found in your homes are Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Alternaria, Cladosporium, Mucor and many more.

What Our Damp Specialists Can Offer

All services are carried out with a high standard of workmanship and completed entirely by our workforce. We also pride ourselves on our three decades of experience in damp coursing across London and can guarantee that all work will be quoted at competitive prices. Our team can also deliver services such as Tanking Treatment, Waterproof Rendering and Woodworm Treatment as well as Damp Coursing.

Don’t hesitate to get into contact with our damp specialists here at City Dampcoursing London for further information or support. 

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